A  new standard in Industrial Rope Access Systems

The Hi-Rise Roofjockey™ is a portable lightweight needle system developed to provide attachment points on buildings without pre-existing anchor points. Its aluminium construction makes it significantly lighter than steel units, making it an easily transportable and a very useable solution.

It has been designed and tested to comply with AS/NZS 4488.1 & 2 Industrial Rope Access Systems. Roofjockey™ eliminates the need for expensive structure to be engineered and built into roof slabs and opens the roof to other uses.

Roofjockey™ is perfect for window cleaning, facade repairs, inspections / reports, rescue, rapid access and much more. The Roofjockey™ can be assembled in many configurations with various inboard dimensions and out reach abilities. However, we can offer special models with extended overhangs. This unit is lightweight and can be dismantled into small, compact components. All components can be stored and transported on the counterweight trolley.

Roofjockey™ can be used to enable specialist applications such as:

• Commercial

• Residential

• Indiustrial

• Silos and mills

• Glass parapet


• High parapet buildings

• Steel deckings

• Concrete roofs

and much, much more!


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